Aljalil Group started, through its branches of trade, tourism, consulting and events, in providing services to its customers since 2001, from its headquarters in Istanbul / Turkey
Aljalil Group provides its services to  boost  the Turkish Afro-Asian economic exchange in order to establish a real profitable partnership between Turkey and African and Asian countries.
Through its subsidiaries and allies, Aljalil Group provides many services such as: project studies - partnerships - financing, providing investors and partners in many sectors such as agricultural projects, sustainable energy, housing, infrastructure, production lines and tourism projects ...
The group also provides commercial services to manufacturers, traders and craftsmen such as import and export, participation in major international projects, organizing business trips, organizing international exhibitions, etc. ...
Aljalil Group maintains many distinguished relations with the largest professional associations, businessmen associations, governmental and semi-governmental bodies and influential figures in the Turkish economic field and places at your disposal a professional team from all disciplines, which allows the Galilee Group to process customer requests quickly and efficiently while developing appropriate plans to increase The chances of success of any project.
Aljalil Group believes in the promising future of the African continent
This is why we seek not only to open African markets to Turkish products, but mainly to implement the new approach that recognizes Africa's right to self-sufficiency by creating real opportunities for African youth to prove themselves and participate in economic prosperity. The group also mainly seeks to establish partnerships that transfer the Turkish experience to Africa by encouraging Turkish investments in the field of sustainable development and establishing twinning between Turkish cities and their counterparts in Africa

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