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Aljalil group offers its services in the sector of Fairs, Logistics, International Trade, Consultations and Tourism with a large network of activities spread over 5 countries on 2 continents. Aljalil Group operates all its activities with international quality and reliability certificates.


Exhibition & Event services


Exhibitor services
We design, create and equip your own display space
- Preparing and printing the commercial file (company brochure, business card, brochures, gift banners ...)
- Mobilize your team in the exhibition and inform it of your goals to achieve and accomplish its mission in the best way
- Logistic and customs services for transporting samples, goods and materials that you will offer
Reservations and transportation services
- Bring the attention of visitors to your platform through various activities and activities
Distributing your brochures, gifts, and catalogs ... to visitors and exhibitors
Visitor services
- Reception from and to the airport
- Hotel Reservation Services
- Transportation services to and from the exhibition
- Recreational trips
- Reserve marginal dates for shopping, treatment or cosmetics ...



project solutions


Project Structure - Create an understanding scheme for the project in order to align strategic goals and tactical demands
Project and Operations Strategy Consulting - Provide overall project guidance including setting goals, setting policies and plans to achieve those goals, and then creating implementation plans
Project requirements - Provide studies, production lines, machines, technology and designs that allow the project to reach the set goals.
Partnerships - Providing all types of partnerships, whether by expertise, brand name, financing, etc.




The Tourism Department of Aljalil Group contributes to providing the best unique, distinctive and diverse tourism programs throughout Turkey and providing the best high-quality and high-quality tourism services as the team works to obtain the satisfaction of our valued customers and build strong and lasting relationships with them

The staff is always ready to provide all kinds of services related to tourism and travel, meet all your requests, respond to all your inquiries, and advise and guide you, putting your best interests above every consideration.

The Tourism Department staff also has the honor to provide a variety of tourism services in Turkey

Hotel reservations, airline ticket reservations, airport pick-up, various tour packages within groups and individuals, honeymoon trips, car rental, furnished apartment rental, businessmen services, cruise service, medical, medical and religious tourism .. .



Trade solutions

اimport and export
We define, plan and implement an import and export strategy for your business. We help you find buyers, importers / exporters, distributors, agents and trade representatives
Reserve a special booth to present your products and sell them to international buyers at exhibitions
Distribute your brochures to visitors and exhibitors
Collect data from the exhibitions that interest you
We can help you with any kind of advice you need in order to start a business in Turkey:
Register your trademark
Establishment fees
 Drafting a business or marketing plan.
Buying, selling and renting real estate